Thanks for answering my question about events.

Started by WilliamsWins, September 04, 2018, 12:07:27 PM

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September 04, 2018, 12:07:27 PM Last Edit: September 06, 2018, 02:10:22 PM by WilliamsWins
Hi guys I recently made an inquiry on this site about events. I'm happy to say that an admin answered my question.
Ironically, it was info that I could have gotten for myself. I'll admit I should have looked a little harder before I made the post. If I had I wouldn't have needed to ask.  :slap: I have also been made aware that, because I posted on both these forums and the discord page I may have made some administrators/staff feel that I was being impatient. It also may have caused some admins/staff to feel that I was implying that they were not doing "their job". This was not in any way an intentional effort on my part to suggest this. I'm not sure why I posted in both places, I'll make sure to avoid doing so in the future. I can now see why the posts caused this to occur. The timing of my posts also may have contributed. There also may have been some other members of the community that the posts caused to feel similarly.
Despite the fact that my words were not meant to convey what some of you might have taken away from it, it's obvious to me that the blame falls on my shoulders. I want to let all admins/staff know I'm grateful for all the work you do, and that I DON'T think that any of the admins/staff aren't living up to some strange "standard" . All of the the admins and staff have been very helpful to me since I joined. It's clear that they all have dedicated a tremendous amount of their own personal time to the site over a number of years. Thanks for understanding.
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Feel free to make an event! 

We will do everything we can to support it with the GameMaster/SWBFspy servers.  Just give the details--maps, settings, time, etc. and we will make an announcement, set up the server, etc.

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Quote from: WilliamsWins on September 04, 2018, 12:07:27 PM
What's going on with events? As far as I can tell they just stopped happening. I figured since I joined August 8th that missed some announcement, but I looked through the forums as well as the discord and I didn't really find anything. So who would be the person to ask? I'm assuming it would be anyder, but I'm not sure. Are the events and the other stuff like the player awards dead, or are there plans to start them back up again? Please let me know if I missed something, and who to contact about this as well as the best way to contact them. Thanks, I really appreciate the entire community you guys have been a huge help and have made all of my experiences on the website and the discord , really good ones! Looking forward to making more good experiences with all of you in the future!  :cheers:
The events were cancelled due to lack of activity on them. I have been organising many events, asking users what they wanted, and they never answered, so I fgured they just didnt care.

Like I said on Discord. The awards were given when we had more activity and more players, but GOG took many of our players so I thought it to be pointless to use them again.

I have provided all my contacting info everywhere: Steam, Forum profile, emails, ...

Like Led said, feel free to request an event by sending us the information you want us to host.

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