Officially Sanctioned Tournaments [WIP]

Started by Led, July 31, 2013, 07:05:31 PM

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Given the recent round and round discussions about the ICW3 tournament, I want to start working on some guidelines for tournaments for officially sanctioned tournaments.  These officially sanctioned tournaments will get badges handed out for the tournaments here on the website and will be hosted using SWBFgamers (i.e. my computer resources and others as needed).

Non-officially sanctioned tournaments are encouraged, but you guys will be on your own and if discussions get heated, I will ask that they be taken elsewhere.

Anyway, I will edit this post when I get a chance to think about it.

So you want to have a tournament.  Great! is happy to host it and provide awards for participants and place holders if you follow these guidelines.  (Feel free to discuss these guidelines.)

A) Choose from one of our established tournament types (a list and description of each will follow) and get participants.


B) Make a new tournament that needs to have rules discussed by participants.

1) One or more tournament admins will be selected by the organizer.  The organizers need to be listed in the initial post describing the tournament idea.

2) Make a topic for discussions of rules.  Stick to the topic about the discussion of rules, and not if a favorite or dispised unit or game modification/hack/enhancement/etc. is good/bad/ugly/etc.

3) If the tournament admins make a poll, it needs to be a Yes/No poll of limited scope.  If a poll is taken, then the admins will be expected to honor the poll results.  If multiple accounts from one person is detected in the vote, the persons accounts will be deleted and the poll will be reset.

4) more later
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Request for the first update to this thread in a year. ;)

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Request for the first update to this thread in a year. ;)
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