3rd Mac-PC Gamers Battlefront League Match @ 8pm EST

Started by Dresh, March 23, 2009, 12:58:33 PM

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Just another note. This game is going to be so small 3x2. Maybe it should be rescheduled.

nah, go for it! doesnt matter how many ppl play, low numbers generally mean higher scores, this is also the reason that bots/Ai are included.  You should play the game with 8 bots per team (as mentioned in a previous thread).

It is also important to keep these kind of thing as regular as possible. Come hell or high water thats what I say. Hell I'd still play if it was just me...and push my scores up the board, one of the advantages of a quieter game!

Ok. But it is going to end by 9;15 cus thats when I leave, ha ha ha!

Starting the game

Good luck? (I guess?)

Computer just crashed. Odly. Restarting up in 5 minutes or less

Game hosted

Here are the scores. We played three maps. Jabba are Map 1 and 2 and Kshyyyk Docks is Map 3.

A fun game thanks for hosting Mac Genius.

Sorry i missed it, a friend called me up with some work and i had to take up the chance. :(
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Great to see the game went ahead, I'll copy the screens over to TiW and I'll update the scores in the table this afternoon!

No problem. We had at first a bit of lag. Then I realized I was using Wifi and that could be slowing it down. So I restarted using Wire instead and it was great. We had a lot of people join and it was fun. Game ended at about 9:18 PM and started after my last post before.

Thanks for everyone coming. Was really fun!


good to hear MG, your score (so far) is a whopping 54!

The table has been updated.