Da1 Dueling

Started by -[JCA]- Love, March 29, 2009, 08:05:53 PM

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Let us return to the hallowed ground of ancient dueling.  To a place stained with the blood of a thousand fallen warriors, scorched and charred by the blasters of the ages.  Where heroes may rise and fall.  

It is a mystical place, floating high above the arid desert, constructed in a forgotten time for one single purpose:  The duel.

I challenge any and all who will meet me in single combat upon the ancient battleground of Da1.  First to 15, no rules.  If the game ends before 15 kills, another round is played, keeping the previous scores until one person gets 15 kills.  Rebels vs. Empire, unless you insist otherwise.  Whoever gets to 8 kills first may choose to either keep their same side, or mandate a switch of sides.  Any suicides count as kills for the enemy.

The goddess Fortuna herself presides over battle.  Do you accept this ultimate test of manly skill?

In the name of Hrötschmidt, I accept your challenge (just made up the name). The goddess of battle Directica Connectionita shall initiate the battle at the time of your choice, approved by myself of course

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