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Happy New Year

Started by Luna, December 31, 2020, 04:15:06 PM

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Happy New Year! I thought I'd start this thread so you could all mention your new years resolutions or anything that was good about last year!

Let 2021 be an amazing year for us, it'll take a few months but it will be!
The years just fly past, don't they?


Happy New Year.  Long live SWBF  :cheers:
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Happy new year! I don't have any NY resolutions -- 2020 was a horrible year to me, so I just hope 2021 to be better  :cheers:

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Happy new year and a big thank you to Led and Anyder and all the swbfgamers.com community for their great work and dedication. My resolution = trying to dose my alcohol intake better, hehe. Doing great so far and less black outs recently. Drinking more water helps a lot also ^^ :cheers: