Farewell SWBF

Started by SirPimped, June 01, 2018, 12:42:01 PM

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Hey everyone,

I know I haven't been around lately anyway, but just wanted to give a final farewell to the game and community. With the inactivity and my busy schedule, I don't think I'll be playing anymore. I have had a great time playing this game for the past 14 years. This is my favorite game I have ever played and the people really made it awesome. So thank you to all of you who made this game fun all these years. Also thank you to all of you who worked hard to keep the game going even when it looked like the game was getting shut down. I hope you keep the game going as long as you can. I wish you all the best.

I also had a bunch of SWBF clips I never made into individual videos, so I am put them into one long montage. Here it is if you would like to view it:

Farewell SWBF!

SirPimped / AimBot

Take care, SP, you are one of the greats at this game through all the years.

We will be around if you ever get the desire to play a couple of rounds.     :cheers:
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Thanks SP, and farewell!  I enjoyed playing with you and watching your videos - they were well done.
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Farewell SP.

Was great getting to know you a little bit as well as playing matches with you in SWBF1!
Thanks for the great games we had!  :cheers:

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My buddy SP ! :) you were great player and cool guy ! was cool to play ICW or others matchs ! good memories finally, in the past i probably was not cool, im so sorry for all, maybe in the occasion we could play together again :)
take care ! see you soon maybe my buddy SP   :happy:

See ya man, Good to have you around and as a clan mate for all those years, good luck and thanks for everything!