My new YouTube channel (Red04SWBF)

Started by Red04 (CC-4398), May 27, 2018, 04:25:40 AM

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Hey! I had in mind for a while and finally I was able to create my first YouTube channel. It's called Red04SWBF and obviously its content will be dedicated to the first SWBF games. My plan is to upload a video every weekend related to SWBF, for now I advance that the first videos will be focused on the campaign mode of SWBF1 and SWBF2 respectively, and there will be some videos based on maps and mods of SWBF1 in the middle.

I have already uploaded my first video today:

Before finishing, I'm aware that the quality of videos is not very good, but I've done my best to render them with a good resolution (my screen doesn't have a resolution of 1080p so I decided to capture 720p).

And as always, if you liked my first video or later ones, like or subscribe! ;)