Need help with adding a Y-wing to the Tatooine Dune Sea map.

Started by John 3:14–16, June 12, 2022, 04:50:01 PM

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Hi, everyone.

I tried to add a Y-wing to the Tatooine Dune Sea map.  In trying to do that, I followed the instructions at  When I loaded the map while playing Star Wars Battlefront, the only vehicle that I saw was the skiff.  Also, the Rebelsʼ bases were located where the Imperialsʼ would normally be, and the Imperialsʼ bases were located where the Rebelsʼ bases would normally be. 

When placing the Y-wing, I tried to place it near the landspeeders and X-wings.  For the name of the command post, I specified "CP1."  When I was adding the Y-wing, I could not find the command posts in Zeroeditor; consequently, I tried CP1 to see if that would work.  After I tried playing the map, I looked at the map in Zeroeditor, and the only vehicle object that I could see then was the one for the Y-wing. 

What file or files would one recommend that I look inside to try to locate the cause of the above?  Also, I can post some of the contents of configuration files, if that would help.



Since that map already has vehicles, I will suggest you start by just changing an existing vehicle out for the one you want.  That way, you will know if you mission file is doing what you want it to do, and that all of your files are in the right places.

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Thank you for the information, Led.  It might be during the weekend when there will be an opportunity to try again, although Iʼll try again sooner, if possible.  I plan to provide feedback after Iʼve tried. 

I would also do a couple other things to start:
1.) If you don't already, download this:;sa=view;down=1519
This is an improved version of the BFBuilder Pro file, with some friendly additions by myself, including stock map imports.

2.) Do NOT use the "EDIT TAT1" or whatever the button says from any version of BFBuilder.  ZeroEditor will not load all the layers of a stock map through this method (command line only supports base world loading).  You must open DataTAT1 folder and ZeroEditor from there.  If it doesn't launch, try one or two more times, there's a well documented startup error that resolves by starting again.  Click load and traverse the directory structure like this: BFBuilder\DataTAT1\Worlds\TAT1\World1\tat1.wld.  If you open this file, it will have a prompt asking what layers to load, and you want ALL of them (or everything except sound).

3.) Once you have the map loaded, the CPs will still be missing.  At the top, there is the "Active Layer" field.  Click Change.  Mostly, CPs/vehicle spawns are kept in the "Design" layer of the map.  Swap to this layer, and then you can see how the originals are set up, and try swapping out vehicles using the tutorial given.
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Thank you for the additional information and for the link, Dark_Phantom.  I downloaded the improved version of BFBuilder Pro, and I plan to install it by or during the weekend.

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It looks like the GCW Era Mission LUA file is missing some content.  After locating the X-wings on the Dune Sea map, and after entering information for a Y-wing for the object where one of the X-wings would be located, the cleaned and munged files still resulted in an absence of vehicles and in the base locations swapped.  I decided to try simply make a new copy of the Dune Sea map without any changes, and the same results occurred.  I also looked in the files of the shipped worlds, and I think that I found LUA files.  I tried copying the content of the LUA file for the rebels into the GCW Era Mission LUA file.  After cleaning and munging, that seemed to result in a map with all of the vehicles and bases as they normally are.  Something I noticed is that there was a notification message about the GCW Era Mission LUA file when I edited that file without using BFBuilder.  It might have occurred under some circumstance while using BFBuilder also.  Also, I used BFBuilderPro2.01.  I have considered the possibility that the carriage returns at the end of lines might be different when I paste the entire contents of a LUA file into the GCW Era Mission LUA file. 

When I have time, I plan to look at the contents of the GCW Era Mission LUA file line by line in order to see what I can add to it using the example at and also using the content of the LUA files of the shipped worlds.

The copy of the Dune Sea map without any changes worked.  Before cleaning and munging the copy, I copied and pasted the entire contents of the LUA file for the shipped-worlds Dune Sea map into the LUA file for the copy.  I had tried something similar previously, but I evidently had copied from the wrong shipped-worlds LUA file on that previous occasion (I might have copied from the CW-era LUA file instead of the GCW-era LUA file). 

I plan to next try changing an X-wing to a Y-wing on the copied Dune Sea map.  If the LUA file for that copied map gets changed, I plan to copy the contents from the shipped-worlds GCW-era Dune Sea LUA file.  I plan to then try editing the new LUA file so as to add a reference for the Y-wing.

Sorry for not replying sooner.  The base mission files were in a different area of the assets and I totally forgot that I didn't write a script to move them if the stock map was selected.  Copying the lua like you did is correct. (I generally just swap out the stock maps and use the stock mission).

Remember if you're using this method, and using it as an addon map, you want to put "ReadDataFile("dc:\TAT1\Tat1.lvl")" or whatever, instead of what the main mission has.  (DC: means "Downloadable Content", and the game has a method of determining the mission file if using the addon folder.

It seems like you've got it right where you want it as well.  If you need help, don't be afraid to ask.
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