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SWBF2 Modding / Re: How to extract audio from mod map
August 04, 2022, 01:01:47 AM
Usually the credits inside a readme should list the sources used as well, including audio files. It's worth checking there first.
Welcome Center / Re: Joining
July 30, 2022, 01:49:14 PM
SWBF1 Modding / Bespin: Carbon Chambers
July 24, 2022, 12:23:25 PM
Here's the next map I'm making: Bespin: Carbon Chambers. It's inspired by the DICE map but it's not slavish to that version, instead pulling elements from the stock map and film source. It's also the first of three Bespin maps I have planned, including Cloud City and Administrator's Palace.

As with The Invisible Hand, there will be custom sides. I plan on having the map playable in both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras.

Here's some screenshots of the model work so far:

General / Re: R.I.P Xfire
July 19, 2022, 11:46:28 AM
Please don't bump topics.
I'm producing a minor update to this that will amend Kashyyyk: Docks to better resemble the film Kashyyyk. Also considering some tweaks to Mos Eisley (mainly some additional props)
Released Maps and Mods / Re: SWBFES_Combo_Pack
May 28, 2022, 08:25:22 AM
If anybody is unsure what this is, this is the first and second Elite Squadron map packs, containing Bespin, Cato Neimoidia, Kashyyyk, Death Star, Coruscant, Mustafar and Vjun.

If you have downloaded an older version of Pack 1, I highly recommend you download this as that version wound up being obsolete and incompatible with Pack 2.
Mustafar and Kashyyyk? Yes. I think those were put together by Teancum and Calrissian97. Coruscant? No. Like Bespin, Teancum ripped the map and I took it from there, turning it into a playable map for SWBF1. I have not converted it to SWBF2.
In case anybody's interested, Elite Squadron Pack 2 is now available!

However you will need the upgraded Pack 1. For convenience, I have bundled the upgraded Pack 1 and Pack 2 together, which you can grab here:
Quote from: Javier on May 12, 2022, 05:00:52 PMI did everything right but the sixth unit of team 2 won't let me choose it, it's weird, team 1 does let me select it. some help?  ???

To answer your question, there's something in the exe that we're assuming needs to be changed for the 6+ units to work exactly as intended, or it's hidden somewhere in the LUA script. We don't know what it is at this time.

There is technically a workaround in forcing you into a team, IIRC. But then you lose the ability to choose what team you want to play on.

For future reference, you should post a new topic in the SWBF1 Modding subforum.

Quote from: wsa30h on May 13, 2022, 03:17:39 PMplease do not bump topics older than 30 days rather make a new one.

Please don't junior moderate.
General / Re: Under bombardment.
May 12, 2022, 02:43:06 AM
Glad to see that you're still okay at the moment. Stay safe out there, Sereja.
I can't really take credit for Vjun besides adding in the gun turrets. Vjun was one of the very rare cases where the source map was already really solid thanks to additions by Calrissian97, and I really didn't need to add to it in the aesthetic sense.

As for stock map versions... IDK. Maybe one day.
Happy May 4, all! Here is Elite Squadron Map Pack 2, containing the following maps:

QuoteCoruscant: Federal District
Death Star: Interior
Mustafar: Hidden Base
Vjun: Bast Castle


You will need the updated Map Pack 1 to play it. You can get that here:


Quote-Rebellion Developments - Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron
-Teancum and Calrissian97 - Elite Squadron map conversions to SWBF2
-DICE - Helmet rack, gun rack, Republic cargo box objects
-Free Radical - Battlefront III models, weapons, textures, sounds
-Netmarble Games - Force Arena models
Hi! It's been a little while since I updated, so I thought I'd let you know where I'm at with this.

Map Pack 2 is almost finished now. A few issues here and there along the way, a few ideas that just weren't working, but I've got it into a state I feel relatively happy with. This morning I did the flyby videos and minimaps, so it just remains to be tested and tweaked where needed.

I've made a few tweaks to Pack 1 as well. You will need this updated Pack 1 to play Pack 2.

Pack 2 will contain the following maps:

-Coruscant: Financial District
-Death Star: Interior
-Mustafar: Hidden Facility
-Vjun: Bast Castle

Here's a trailer showing all four new maps:

To reflect the name changes, I've also renamed Pack 1's maps:

-Bespin will be called Bespin: Administrator's Palace
-Cato Neimoidia will be called Cato Neimoidia: Hanging City
-Kashyyyk will be named Kashyyyk: Mountaintop

Pack 3 will contain the last few maps: Dantooine, Endor, Yavin IV and Tatooine. I could not get Hoth working in the end, so that map will remain out of the collection.
Then it might have been a better idea to say why you were bumping. IE "I ripped X game, you can find the files in the OP". 'bump' doesn't mean anything.
Released Assets / Re: Health/Ammo Pack Spawner
April 07, 2022, 12:58:05 AM
Huh! I wonder if that works in SWBF1 also! It sounds like an interesting way of getting around team limits or having to do local spawn paths for just a single unit or two.