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TWD Battlefront v0.94
« on: May 03, 2017, 04:54:10 PM »
The Walking Dead Battlefront v0.94

Optional Cutscenes Shell.MVS (670mb) =
Required HD Space = 1.1GB (or 1.8GB total with cutscenes)
Build 0.94 is the second mod demo to be released publicly. 16 campaign levels are now playable online. All the campaign maps have been substantially improved. The campaign is now playable on both Medium and Hard difficulty. Additional support for other modes has also been added. A huge thanks to everyone supporting this epic mod project! :cheers: 

Number of improvements, bugfixes, & new features per patch:
Build 0.94 - 75
Build 0.93 - 60
Build 0.92 - 25
Build 0.91 - 35
Build 0.90 - 22
Build 0.88 - 11
Build 0.86 - 4
Build 0.85 - 18
Build 0.84 - 12
Build 0.65 - 10+
Build 0.50 - 4

----- TWD PATCH LOG -----
TBA 2017     v0.95:
05-2017     v0.94: Created 2nd mod trailer for Woodbury map, Updated the design document extensively, Launched, Split mod FAQ into seperate document from the readme, Updated HUD icons for axe campaxe hatchet bow crossbow javelins molotovs and bastard sword, Rescaled various melee weapon models, Reduced zombie melee damage against vehicles, Rebalanced settings for Bandits Canines Tabitha Shiva Rick Lori T-Dog Dale and Hershel, Rebalanced shotgun and trenchgun explosive damage, Rebalanced damage for all firearms against vehicles, Increased M40 sniper damage for 1 hit kills against bandits, Increased Tyreese's sidearm ammo, Increased Andrea's health by 25 for leather clothing, Increased Rick's health by 25 for plot armor, Increased Shane's health by 50 for kevlar vest, Improved all vehicle settings and patched various minor bugs, Added proper textures for exploding boomer chunks, Added Tabitha deployer to Lori, Patched binoculars bug, Patched grenade visibility bug, Patched critical side REQ bug for vehicles, Patched female officer zombie head texture bug by disabling MSH transparency, Patched bug where AI would not shoot firearms at vehicles, Patched bug where leaving the server lobby prevented the campaign from then being played without relaunching SWBF, Patched game crash from players not manually setting the proper SP campaign difficulty setting by adding an automatic difficulty enforcer bugfix, Added split campaign savegame progression for Medium and Hard difficulty along with a new campaign difficulty menu, Added spinning zombie head to mission briefing screen, Added Tips & Tricks shell screen, Removed prompt for exit to windows from main shell menu, Updated over 30 shell scripts and textures, Updated missionlist briefings for Seasons 1-3, Merged missionlist campaign briefings into core localization, Patched critical LUA bug for deathmatch and skirmish modes, Added support for kingdom units to deathmatch and skirmish modes, Added Medium Campaign LUA and updated over 60 mission scripts, Added NoBlood toggler, Added Taunt command (no custom voiceovers yet), Updated core.lvl localization with added support for vehicle names, Improved over 150 ODFs, Improved textures for level 2 with easter eggs added, Improved level 2 map lighting, Added flying helicopter SkyObject (SP only) to level 2, Patched level 2 AI barrier bugs by hex nulling BARRt codes for barriers 40 & 45 & 61 & 181, Patched level 3 wall glitch, Improved level 3 textures and sky settings, Improved level 4 minimap texture, Removed motorcycle from level 4, Removed map boundaries from level 5, Patched level 5 low res black terrain bug, Improved level 5 map design and AI pathing, Added hintnodes to level 5, Added local teams for Carol Rick Glenn Daryl and T-Dog to level 5, Added stationary RV homebase and rebalanced CPs on level 5, Added Motorcycle and Paraglider to level 5, Added Police Cruiser to levels 5 7 and 12, Added SUV to levels 9 and 12, Improved level 9 map design, Replaced Helicopter and Tank on level 9 with Paragliders, Added various prop models to level 9 including baskets boxes bushes candles chairs firepits firewood hammocks pumpkins and tree stumps, Added stationary Catapult to level 9, Added no-fog alternative map build for level 9, Added midnight fog clouds to levels 7 and 9, Added hintnodes to level 10, Added roadblocks and crates to level 10, Removed map boundaries from level 10, Improved level 10 map design and AI pathing, Improved levels 0 and 7 map design and AI pathing, Divided map design into munge-removal layers for levels 0 and 7 in ZeroEditor, Added boundary and minimap texture to levels 0 and 7, Added more trees and foliage to levels 0 and 7, Added barricades to level 0, Added stationary RV homebase to level 7, Added vehicle props to level 7 including cars SUV hippy van box truck and U-HAUL, Added local team for Glenn Andrea Lori Carol and Edwin to level 7, Added local team for Shiva and Tabitha to level 46
04-2017     v0.93: Updated the entire readme including mod FAQ melee XLS buglist patch log and credits, Updated the design document extensively with basic mission outlines for at least 10 seasons, Updated every mission LUA script, Patched critical LUA bugs for levels 7 9 and 10 along with Deathmatch and Skirmish modes, Changed level 13 to level 17 for storyline accuracy, Improved level 17 Woodbury map with hex edits to support locals, Added Bob Stookey and S3 Carol to level 17, Patched KBAR charged attack bug, Patched caltrops trigger radius bug, Improved Edwin's weapon configuration, Added molotovs to Patricia, Reduced boomer and bloater bile damage, Rebalanced zombie bite speed, Increased attack and biting range for all zombies, Rebalanced explosives damage scaling and reload timer, Added 20% ammo drop chance for johnny runners swarmers and female officer zombies, Added 25% health drop chance for nurse zombies, Rebalanced tools, Scripted Undead Assault mode menu with Hershel's Farm prototype supported, Updated missionlist script for Season 3 maps and moved Yavin IV above TWD missions, Improved ifs_mp_gameopts script for faster setting of AI count to 0 by right clicking once and 32 by right clicking twice, Extended map name column width for MP server lobby to support longer mission names, Reduced server type column width for MP server lobby using abbreviations DS and PH for dedicated server and player host, Added new background to credits screen, Added damage radius for bloater and boomer explosion death, Added push and kick to Desert Eagle, Added Bastard Sword, Added Viking Shield, Added Bladed Brass Knuckle, Added Trenchknife, Added Scythe of Osiris, Added Dual Warblades, Added Bow and Explosive Arrows, Added Javelins, Added S7 Morgan & Carol, Added King Ezekiel, Added Shiva tiger cub prototype model, Added Tabitha cat model, Added Kingdom Knights, Added Kingdom Archers, Added Helm's Deep with hex edits and Zombie Castle reskin as The Kingdom map for Level 46 and Undead Assault prototype mission with MP support, Added Construction Worker zombie, Added tiger bite weapon, Added lower damage for boomer bile than bloater bile, Improved bloater bile and boomer bile ShotPatternPitchYaw settings, Rebalanced police canine and Z dog settings, Rebalanced stamina per swing for cricket bat hatchet and katana, Rebalanced damage settings for all melee weapons, Rebalanced scope zoom settings for all firearms, Rebalanced kick strength for all firearms, Resized various weapon textures, Patched winchester rifle texture bug, Rescaled several MSH.option files, Increased Tyreese's health by 50 for kevlar vest, Increased Daryl's and Carol's health by 25 for leather clothing, Updated over 150 ODFs, Updated core.lvl localization, Added installer support for not checking OS version, Designed TWD contributor award, Created developer log page @
03-2017     v0.92: Added lockdown shell script, Updated levels 12-13 missionlist briefings for storyline changes, Updated over 50 ODFs, Updated several MSH and .option files, Updated every mission LUA script, Improved zombie spawn variety on all maps, Replaced Daryl with Andrea on level 5 for storyline accuracy, Increased damage for all firearms and explosives against vehicles, Tweaked explosives damage radius, Improved zombie attacks against buildings and vehicles, Increased bloater bile damage, Rebalanced hammer and wrench tools, Patched police canine weapon bug, Improved Hershel and Otis skins, Improved runner zombie skins, Added boomer zombie, Added female officer zombie, Added M93R Burst as Andrea's upgraded sidearm, Updated credits list with new weapons ported from Battlefield by Ginev, Updated core.lvl localization, Added new weapons Lucille and Desert Eagle Mark VII, Added Negan to COD Shipment bonus level 99 along with bandits team on Deathmatch and Skirmish modes, Restored custom revolver animation for Rick Grimes, Patched Tyreese backpack bug, Added Woodbury map as Level 13 temporarily for testing
01-2017     v0.91: Patched voiceover bug for several units by removing a non-existent trandoshan reference, Fixed various sound bugs, Improved melee damage settings, Updated mission and shell LUA, Removed Campaign maps from Instanct Action (they can be hosted in multiplayer), Updated over 70 ODFs, Updated missionlist briefings, Updated patch log and weapons credits for porting of models from Mount and Blade by Ginev, Improved shell textures, Changed "N" scripts to "M" for use as MP scripts, Added Hard difficulty enforcement to the SP campaign "S" scripts, Added long sickle, Rebalanced explosive weapons and molotov, Patched level 1 for team 3 spawns, Patched levels 7-9 for SP and MP, Fixed level 8 CP exploit, Patched barricades for level 9, Added local factions to level 9, Added helicopter to level 9 temporarily for testing, Added ability for zombies to attack players standing on top of them, Changed level 8 map to Tantive IV, Changed level 12 map to "Legend of Zelda: The Lost Woods" with reskins and hex edits, Passengers can shoot primary weapons from certain vehicles (removed "ControlsUnit=1" from any maps where player team has over 25 reinforcements due to the AI crashing MP), Restored original rotter zombie model, Added Billy and Patricia to level 9, Tweaked Z dog settings, Fixed infinite tank ammo glitch on level 2, Added a map being used later in the campaign named "Call Of Duty Shipment" to Deathmatch and Skirmish mode along with MP support, Reskinned level 6 CDC computer screen with TS-19 images, Added first aid kits for Hershel, Improved Interstate 85 map, Added core.lvl localization for current ODFs, Added quick uninstaller, Created mod trailer, Added GameTracker map preview images for S1-2
10-2016     v0.90: Built Interstate 85 prototype map for testing levels 0 and 7 (RV not yet added to level 7 but Dale can deploy it), Added _Settings mod configuration file (LUA not supported yet), Scripted Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes for SP, Added new Cop skins, Added Crawler zombie, Added Birds to all maps, Added Fish Shark and Squid to maps with water, Extensive rebalancing of crossbow and firearms for realistic ODF values, Added Luger P30 Tommy Gun MP5 Lumphammer Sickle and the Gerber Apocalypse Gear, Rebalanced melee weapons, Fixed explosives ammo exploit, Fixed katana bug, Improved vehicle settings, Updated over 200 ODFs, Rescaled weapon models, Improved campaign LUA and level 11 difficulty, NOTLD map added for level 9 (temporarily until patched), Patched level 1 CP exploit, Replaced level 8 map, Added new cutscenes for level 1, Added Nebula load LVL, Sound stream for music added but it crashes 64-bit PC so is disabled for now the mp3 are included instead
09-2016     v0.88: Cutscenes added for levels 0-7, Improved over 120 ODFs, Added realistic fall damage, New weapons and traps, Several LUA adjustments, Switched levels 4 and 5, Added MP player host support for campaign maps, Added stock common.LVL textures fix, Added melee path visibility toggler, Added new game modes menu, Level 11 prototype support for MP added
08-2016     v0.86: Level 8 and 10 basic prototype supported for MP, Added new zombies, Added MP map list localization for TWD S1 to patch "missing map" localization bug, Over 50 ODF adjustments and other LUA mods
07-2016     v0.85: Redesigned the shell screen and main menu, Added TWD submenu script, Improved missionlist script with tentative mission briefings for 40 levels the first 6 seasons, Updated design document with new patch logs and speculation notes added, Scripted Survival mode mission LUA starting with TWD00s, Removed scaling difficulty settings for Easy-Medium-Hard in the mission LUA, Split saved campaign progress for each mode so that beating Survival campaign does not progress you in Nightmare mode, Localized mp_sessionlist LUA for new campaign modes     S = Survival      N = Nightmare, Added 2 new levels for season 1, Rebalanced zombie spawn ratio for every map, Reduced bloater and brute spawn count, Added zombie dogs and runners, Added a Merle and bandits survival mission, Reduced zombie chatter ODF to prevent memory pool over flood, Finished melee conversions to cannon classlabel, Calibrated 5 new damage ranges for each animation and the blood impact delay, Added blood dummies for melee FX, Added Reloadtime=9999 to prevent multiple vehicle deployment
06-2016     v0.84: Improved blood color and corrected directional flow glitch, Removed green sparks and synchronized FX impact time to individual melee weapon animations, Patched zombie walk animation which uses bite as secondary to attack players & swipe as primary to attack buildings, Added zombie hunch animation, Added zombie dog sounds and improved the main sound builder, Patched the Atlanta Survivor Camp water pit, Tested for several months which classlabel setup is best for replacing melee between cannon launcher and emitterordnance (cannon was chosen), Updated design document, Ported RV model by Ginev, Improved Andrea model added by Deviss, Finalized Katana Axe and Crowbar, Added level 0 to shell LUA
07-2015     v0.65: SEVERAL UNDOCUMENTED ADDITIONS/UPGRADES, Outlined melee classlabel upgrades for testing, Added Otis Daryl and several other characters, Added crossbow, Added motorcycle, Tweaked ammunition settings, Added missionlist briefings for Seasons 1-2, Added custom shell scripts and backgrounds, Enabled player stats for LAN server lobby, Implemented several NOTLD mod assets, Created mod installer
05-2015     v0.50: Added Rick and Glenn, Added Atlanta Streets map, Added tank, Added some NOTLD mod assets

April 2013 - Ideas about the mod first discussed in the Zombie Conquest evolve server by Phobos and Wolf
July 2013 - Ideas about the mod discussed publicly by Phobos and Helios
March 2014 - Development begins as a private mod project
November 2014 - Mod development announced publicly
January 2015 - Private development board added for mod discussions
May 2015 - v0.50
June 2015 - v0.60
July 2015 - v0.65
October 2015 - v0.75
June 2016 - v0.84 & Launch of main website
July 2016 - v0.85
August 2016 - v0.86
September 2016 - v0.88
October 2016 - v0.90
November 2016 - v0.905
December 2016 - v0.907
January 2017 - v0.91 Early Access mod demo released to public
March 2017 - v0.92
April 2017 - v0.93
May 2017 - v0.94 Second public mod demo
TBA 2017 - v0.95

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