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TWD Mod - Melee Weapon Model Assets
« on: August 20, 2016, 10:48:31 AM »
TWD Mod - Melee Weapon Model Assets;topic=10999.0;attach=5953

Here are assets for the melee weapon models being used in TWD mod. These can be used in other mods for SWBF1 and SWBF2, just remember to include the credits. 35/39 of the models are included, however assets cannot be released publicly at this time for the Long Sickle, Shaolin Monk Spade, Skull Battle Mace, and Kwan Dao.

This doesn't include the advanced new melee ODFs still under development for TWD mod, and some of the weapon MSH scale sizes might need adjusting. If you can help build models for the Pitchfork, Chainsaw, Lucille, or other weapons, please post on The Walking Dead forum board


Axe - Pandemic
Baseball Bat - RepublicCommando
Bladed Brass Knuckle - Wazmol
Camp Axe - Sereja
Chainsword - RepublicCommando
Climbing Axe - Ginev & 3DRegenerator
Cricket Bat - RepublicCommando
Crowbar - Tirpider and Milanbon
Falcion Sword - Sereja
Flanged Mace - Ginev & Tobbo
Gator Machete - Sereja
Gator Machete Pro - Sereja
Glaive - ???
Halberd - ???
Hammer - Sereja
Hatchet - Ginev & Mohofoz
Ice Axe - Sereja
Kwan Dao - Ginev, Phobos, & ShotInTheFootProductions
Katana - RepublicCommando
KBAR Knife - RepublicCommando
Kitchen Knife - Sereja
Knife - L5R
Light Whip - Sereja
Long Sickle - Ginev, Phobos, & Yuri.I
Makeshift Axe - Ginev & 3DRegenerator
Ninja Katana - MileHighGuy
Parang - Sereja
Scythe of Osiris - Ginev & 3DRegenerator
Skull Battle Mace - Ginev, Phobos, & BlackantMaster
Shaolin Monk Spade - Ginev, Phobos, & ShotInTheFootProductions
Shovel - Ginev & Brewster1952
Sickle - Sereja
Sledgehammer - Sereja
Spiked Club - Sereja
Spiked Stone Axe - Ginev
Staff of Horus - Ginev & 3DRegenerator
Trenchknife - Lolz22, Ginev, & Phobos
Warblade - ???
Wrench - Ginev & Xoran

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