No-DRM SWBF1 Disc Release?

Started by Okwals97, August 24, 2021, 07:48:31 AM

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This question might be a little bit weird, but I am so curious that I am still willing to ask it. :shrug:

While I do own the Steam and GOG versions of SWBF1 already, I wanted to get a disc release that I could put on a special place on my shelf. The deal is, I do not feel like buying the game just to put the box on shelf and never even install it, so I would like to get such a version of SWBF1 that may work without the necessity of having your CD/DVD always inside your drive to play it.

So, my question is, is there a SWBF1 release that does not require the disc to play? I know that the US CD release has the SecuROM DRM, but could anyone confirm whether the Vista DVD re-release or the Best of PC release still have that DRM or not? Perhaps one of the official patches removed the DRM?

Thanks in advance for the answers. :cheers:

I have the best of PC version and it works without the disk but I also have the swbfspy patch (replacement multiplayer) installed and I can't remember if it worked before that. I think it did if you launch from the game folder not main menu.

Either way it's easy enough to get it working without the cd/dvd.
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yes easy enough to get working wish we could get the 1.3 beta patch to work without disc. if anyone knows how please pm me here or on discord in the gt server.
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Thanks for the replies, People! :D I might get that Best of PC set then, especially since I like (or even love) each of the games included. :)

My advice would be to install it soon.  My CDs have had plenty of drive errors when I've tried to reinstall (although the DVD version may be better.)

I think the BoPC also used DRM...but there is a 1.2 no cd out there...somewhere...
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I don't think any of the official BF1 distros has a no-cd version (like BF2's BoPC did).  I believe my BoPC version needed a CD.

1.3 was only available as a download and had an updated version of SecuROM that we've all since abandoned hope of cracking except apparently wsa30h (it was a beta anyway). It cannot be run unless you have the original 1.0 disc version (BoPC isn't detected)
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Sorry for the late reply, but I've ordered the Best od PC pack. When it arrives and I get to test it, I might edit this post to share whether that version is DRM-free or not, just in case someone else is looking for information on that.