Started by Valaras, December 30, 2020, 03:23:39 AM

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Hello everyone,

I'm Valaras, an engineering student from France, and BF2 player since the late 2000s. Star wars fan as far as I can remember (I played X-wing when I was 3 y.o), I still play to title such as Empire at war, Galactic Battleground (Expanding Fronts), SW:TOR and I'm trying to get my friends play BF2 (we could range from 6 to 16 if I managed to gather everyone). With a friend we were also heavily involved in the SWTOR Gmod community, when the first french servers opened, up to the point some servers were based on our rules and ideas. We left when we understood that the RP we sought would be too complicated to enforce with the Gmod community.

The reason I joined the community is because I want to learn to mod BF II. I love the SW:TOR period (even though I only played the vanilla game with the classes of the empire) and the two mods of this period on ModDB (TORfront and The old republic remastered) are cool but could be better (gameplay, balance and scale), like BFX or clone commandos.

I tend to do this kind of things with every game I play for an extended period of time : Gmod, Warcraft III (I created playable AI and races for Blood elves, Fel orcs, Nagas, Brokens, Burning legion, Dragons and Old gods), Vampire the masquerade Vendetta (Lasombras and Tzimisce, plus when I printed the game while waiting for my order, I made a few nerfs or up that I found in the final version), Warhammer 40k (I'm a referee for an association,I help people to set up campaigns, and I sent a 12 pages letter about how to balance space marines when they were the worst faction in the game, including the 2 HP upgrade and the +1 A on charge) and Birthright (a DnD setting for 3.5 that I'm trying to make a board game (less time consuming than a RPG) and a Discord gestion RPG for september 2021).

Welcome!  A good place to start to learn modding is with our tutorials area.  Feel free to search and also ask questions too. 

To be very open, we have more information about SWBF1 (2004) than we do for SWBF2 (2005).  But the games were both made by Pandemic and share many concepts and features.

Another website has more focus on SWBF2 (and less on SWBF1).

Modding is a lot of fun for these games and there are many aspects to it (mapping/LUA editing/missions) and it is fun to get to know each area and then make entire new maps+missions+eras etc.

Please enjoy your stay.  :cheers:
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Thank you. I'll look into it as soon as I've finished my exams.