Various Heroes Pack

Started by Giftheck, August 18, 2020, 02:51:25 AM

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Here's a pack of heroes I've rigged/edited.

QuoteAsajj Ventress
General Kota
Master Ferroda
Nien Nunb
X1 (Empire and Republic versions)
X2 (Rebel and Republic versions)



Works in Progress:
--Star Wars: Battlefront 1.25: "First Order-Resistance War Expansion"
--Main Play Mod Reboot
--Star Wars Battlefront Legacy Reboot
--Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron For SWBF1

Unit 33

The X1 & X2 storyline was wacky, but fun.

I didn't realise the model featured X2 still wearing some of the Clone Armour during the GCW part of the story.

Great work with the editing / rigging!


 :tu:   Rham Kota looking fire!
Battfront Stuff if your interested.