What bugs should be fixed in the Steam/Gog version?

Started by vick, July 28, 2020, 06:25:20 AM

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Quote from: Roguejedi66 on February 16, 2021, 06:13:58 PMHello there! What I would like to see fixed in Bf1

1. Is Gamepad Mapping. In the past you could bind your controls do on the disc version. This version you can`t bind them to what you want.

2. Is Native Resolution For loading screens and the movie cutscenes.

3. Flicker High to low poly units. When theres too many players they all start to go low poly. Just infantry or Players that happen.

4. Jabbas palace map preview restored.

Thats is all! :)

About the 4th point, I noticed that the Map Preview not only dissapears on Jabba's, some other AddOn maps such as the SWBF2 Conversions I made includes flythrough movies which doesn't show on Steam version. I hope they could fix someday...

Probably not.  The BF2 fiasco seems to have burned that bridge.

He fixed a couple errors on the Steam version but there were many others he said he couldn't fix. I gave up on them fixing this version a while ago.
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id love to mention right off the bat. This games hit boxes are way out of wack id say anyone can put the difficulty on max and see for themselves at close range esp.

the game has Ai also just standing around on the outskirts of some maps like example
empire jet trooper sometimes on bepsin cloud city always just chilling somewhere on outskirts. i think this may be multiplayer problem when much ai are used

the multiplayer server 1000tick on steam crashes sometimes (not always)  jabba palace should be taken out of that cycle if possible i believe(thats just me)
im sorry if these dont come across as bugs
need some assistance with this game modding and might learn how to make maps and create because this is the best game ever lol