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Ja reminds me of this Rogue Squadron II mission where Wedge Antilles finds himself on Geonosis, fighting both imperials and droids.

Will check this out later and leave feedback.

Edit: also as far as the canon goes, Seperatists holdouts are canon again. Maybe not particularly on geonosis (yet), but CIS remnants certainly are.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: Why BF1 not BF2?
July 27, 2021, 10:18:42 PM
Also there are far more major mods for BF2, so overall this is a strange and off-base observation I find.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: Why BF1 not BF2?
July 27, 2021, 10:17:36 PM
I personally enjoy BF1 far more than BF2. BF2 was janky and rushed in 2005, and a lot of te stable features that made BR1 were lost in BF2. In the modern era, people simp for BF2 because of rose colored shades. 16 years late and BF2 imo hasn't stopped being a janky rushed product.
Servus und herzlich willkommen! Bin Ami der seit jahren hier in Deutschland wohnt! Dein englisch ist gar nicht schlecht, keine gedanken machen.

Welcome to the forums, you can always message me (auf deutsch) if you ever have any questions.
Also for the mods, this is kind of anweird one whwre it's BF and BFII modding, and even more niche, for the PSP. So if this thread needs to be moved, please feel free I was just unsure as to where it should go.
Hi all!

Havent seen any topics on this, but a redditor by the name of Anthony has released a compilation of Battlefront II, containing several OG Battlefront maps, Xbox DLC heroes, content from Renegade and Elite Squsdron.

I'll post the text (and link to the post) below, which contaib detailed ibformation about the projext, as well as a link to the project's discord where you can get the .iso file.

I've been playing this on the PPSSPP emulator on my cheapo 10" Samsung Tab A, and the game runs extremely smoothly and I have been greatly enjoying it. Hoping to get the word out, and enxourage Anthony to keep it up. As far as I know, he's well underway with version 9.

"Greetings Reddit PSP users!

I am here to show off and share a project that I have been working on for many years. I have recently been making incredible progress and have made a new release, ready to be enjoyed by the public!

So what is this? Good question.

This is the a gigantic mod for the PSP version of Star Wars Battlefront II that completely rebuilds and overhauls the entire game.

Some of the features include, but not limited to:

All 2004 Battlefront 1 levels except for Mos Eisley, Yavin Temple, and Endor (These levels already exist in BF2)

All 2005 Battlefront 2 levels except for Utapau (Utapau became seriously broken and hasn't been fixed yet)

A few levels converted from Elite & Renegade Squadron

A few levels converted from PC mod maps

A few original levels from Pandemic Studios that were never available in any official version of a Battlefront game

A command console inside the pause menu that does many things such as change scores, abilities, and character skins

A new "External Settings" feature that allows the user to change things that can't be changed from within the game

Lots of alternative skins for rebels, clones, empire, and droids, found inside the command console

Improved instant action menu, now bigger and wider to fix the screen and show more items in the list

New heroes such as Assajj Ventress from the Xbox DLC

New characters such as the real Magnaguard as seen in Revenge of the Sith

New more accurate weapon models

The ability to get more than 10 bots per team, up to 16 or 32, this is awesome on high end phones but can lag a real PSP pretty badly

New HUD that improves visibility during gameplay, all the stuff on the screen has been adjusted to the edges of the screen

Improved graphics for many things such as levels, characters, and vehicles

List of all the cool new hunt modes:

BF2 Coruscant: Anakin with clone troopers vs jedi padawans

BF2 Death Star: Ben, Leia, Luke, Chewbacca, & Han vs storm troopers

BF2 Endor: Scout troopers vs Ewoks

BF2 Felucia: assault droids vs Acklay

BF2 Geonosis: clone marksman vs Geonosians

BF2 Hoth: Wampas vs rebel infantry

BF1 & BF2 Kamino: clone infantry vs imperial infantry and everyone has jetpacks

BF2 Kashyyyk: Wookiees vs basic battle droids or storm troopers

BF1 Naboo Plains: Gungans with giant shield bubble vs basic battle droids

BF1 & BF2 Naboo Theed: Gungans vs storm troopers or basic battle droids, both with vehicles

BF1 Dune Sea: Ben & Luke vs Tuskens

BF2 Mos Eisley: Ben & Luke vs Tuskens & Jawas

BF2 Jabba's Palace (era C) Gamorreans vs Yoda, Windu, Anakin, Aayla, Mundi, & Obiwan

BF2 Jabba's Palace (era G) Gamorreans vs Chewbacca, Han, Luke, Ben & Leia

Advantages of playing this mod on a high end phone or PC:

Enjoy 32 AI per team all the time without lag

Enjoy sharper fonts

Enjoy sharper main menu and sharper icons

Enjoy better frame rate

The bad news, some things have become seriously broken during development and have not been restored yet:

The 501st campaign

Galactic Conquest


Space Levels

This for some screenshots!

Original Battlefront 1 levels:

Bespin Platforms -

Rhen Var Citadel -

Rhen Var Harbor -

Kamino Platforms -

Naboo Theed -

Cloud City -

Dune Sea -

Geonosis Spire -

Kashyyyk Islands -

Kashyyyk Docks -

Naboo Plains -

Yavin Arena -

Levels converted from mod maps from the PC version of BF2:

Coruscant Streets -

Ilum Crystal Valley -

Geonosis Freight Docks -

Levels from Pandemic Studios that were never released:

Alternative Tantive IV -

Naboo Outpost -

Levels ported from Elite Squadron and Renegade Squadron:

Vjun Bast Castle -

Ord Mantell Junkyard -

Examples of new heroes

Assaj Ventress


Ben Kenobi

Zam Wesell


Heroes with alternative styles:

Bespin Luke (Episode V)

Padawan Anakin (Episode II)

Padawan Obiwan (Episode I)

General Leia (Episode VI)


New infantry classes from throughout the game:

Rebel Pilot

Basic Battle Droid

Magnaguard with electrostaff

Wookiee Warrior


Updated gun models for infantry -

Updated gun models for heroes -

What's coming in the future, and when? I plan to release another updated version of this mod in the summer of 2021. Some of the plans include but not limited to:

More new heroes such as:

Captain Rex with dual pistols

Cad Bane with dual pistols and jet thrusters on his legs

Ahsoka Tano

Savage Opress


Multiple variations of the X brothers

Rogue One content such as Jyn & Krennic with custom gun models

Mandalorian content such as Din & Cara Dune with custom gun models

More existing game modes and new game modes such as:

Vehicle deatchmatch (ground vehicles on ground levels)

Starfighter deatchmatch (flyers on ground levels)

More levels ported from Elite Squadron and Renegade Squadron such as:




Boz Pity

Issues with the current version:

Some levels lag bad on a real PSP, even with low AI count, notably Vjun and BF2 Coruscant

Sometimes but not often jedi/sith heroes will bug out and their attacks stop working, this is due to animation pools getting hogged up by the Maganguard

A few levels might crash randomly during gameplay, notably BF1 Theed and BF1 Citadel

Some levels have really heavy fog, this is required to prevent more lag and more crashes

Missile lock works but the visual indicator is broken, just press lock on and wait a few seconds, fire, and the missile should seek your target

While playing as the Magnaguard, you cannot press yes or no on the hero prompt, this is because the Magnaguard works like a hero and the game doesn't know how to select hero while using a hero

Downloading and installing:

To stay within the rules, I cannot share the entire game ISO as that would be considered piracy. Personally, I use Discord as the home for my project but I won't post that either as it could be considered advertising. For Reddit, I have prepared a folder with all the edited game files. This is not hard to install. All you have to do is obtain your own original Battlefront 2 ISO, unpack it, replace the folder/files, then repack your ISO and play. Also included in this download are two documents. One document is a hero chart that tells you which heroes are available on every level and era. The other document contains instructions on how to modify the "External Settings" as mentioned at the top of this page.

Step 1: Download and unpack this:

Step 2: Unpack your original Battlefront 2 ISO

Step 3: Browse to \PSP_GAME\USRDIR\data\ and delete the _LVL_PSP folder

Step 4: Copy the _LVL_PSP folder from the download and paste it inside \PSP_GAME\USRDIR\data\

Step 5: Repack the game ISO

Step 6: Transfer the new ISO to your device and play!

DO NOT MIX/COMBINE THE _LVL_PSP FOLDERS! You must delete the old one then paste the new one!

Have fun!

Please provide feedback, negative or positive is welcomed!

Please feel free to suggest ideas for the future like game modes, characters, etc.

Feel free to share this page elsewhere!

Edit at 3/14/2021, 1:05 PM It seems okay to post Discord links. This is the home for my projects and a few other Battlefront related projects some other people have going. For example, I also have a similar project going on for the PS2 version of BF2 and a few other guys have large scale similar mods for the Xbox version. At this Discord server, you can talk with many other people, get help with setting up mods, get downloads as they are posted, see what's in progress for future versions. This is also the best way to contact me for whatever reason.

Link: Updated link on 5/5/2021."

See original post[/url
Oooof getting absolutely destroyed in the reviews though. I had my eye on this since it was a SW game, then got cease-and-desisted, showed up on steam, but ouch. Shame for the team.
General / Re: What were SWBF1 servers like?
July 10, 2020, 05:28:02 AM
Quote from: SirPimped on June 23, 2020, 03:44:06 PM
SWBF1 was an awesome game. I definitely miss playing with everyone, especially the clan tournaments like ICW. If you want to see what the old servers were like, you can watch full games and montages on YouTube. I have tried to summarize some good videos/channels on YouTube:

1. My own channel (shameless plug) - I have some montages and full ICW games:
2. The Pusher - has a couple of montages and has been posting some speed-run games recently:
3. Drunken master - has some ICW games and other videos:
4. Kiwi - not many videos, but they are enjoyable:
5. Dumbledore - an old German player with some montages:
6. Led - yes I did find your montage  ;) -
7. Sonny - mostly montages:
8. SWBFminiClips - a channel from a few different German players, with multiple montages:
9. WusiBabyEater - a top class sniper montage:
10. TWA Clan - definitely the most artful montages on YouTube of SWBF:

Miss playing with you all, might be checking in every now and then.  8)

What's old is new again. I guess Steam (and probably GOG) just updated BFI and now it's online again (without patching gamespy). I don't like the idea of shelling out more cash for a game I own a copy of on PC, and still have my OG Xbox copy, but if that's the way to go these days?
I also am looking for a good Xpadder profile for SWBF 1 / 2.

But I've scoured and it doesn't seem like one is out there for BF1.
I need to re-do the Gamespy fix, but I just reinstalled.
SWBF 1 and 2 Tournaments / Re: PC SWBFC Season 1
May 11, 2018, 03:46:24 PM
Sounds awesome, unfortunately I only play on Xbox.
Hi, and welcome.
I've watched the entire campaign on Youtube. It was great, in my opinion. A good way to see the campaign, since I will not be picking up the game for the time being, given all the controversy surrounding the title's loot boxes and credits system.
Quote from: Ultimo on May 07, 2015, 08:17:16 PM
I forgot to mention in my post that Hip-Fire will also be standard. :P

Being the way I am, I've got this mindset that Hip-Fire is ineffective unless you have a shotgun.

In real life? Hip-firing is totally ineffective. I mean, it's good for iconic images of Marines storming sandy beaches with a .30cal mg, but totally unrealistic for actually use.

I for one, kinda down about the iron-on sights but it's not a killer.
Quote from: 411Remnant on December 28, 2013, 02:44:47 PM
originally it was a mod for battlefield 1945(one of them anway) I think. Beleive it or not, a few of the modders would be hired to help make battlefront 1.

Edit: Actually this was mis-information. I had seen this video regarding histroy on the game and it wasn't exactly resaerched very well. At least now that I re-checked it and it doesnt give any reliable sources. For that I apoligize for posting this lol.

Battlefield 1942, and there was a mod called Galactic Conquest; but nothing from Battlefront ever came from Galactic Conquest.

I don't know where you got your info, but I still run a group that plays GC (along with some of the devs of the mod) and you're wayyyyyy off.