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« on: November 19, 2014, 04:08:45 PM »


Creator: vonfrank
Description: The following is from the original web page:

The zombie-game pandemic has struck Pandemic's non-zombie-game!
 Vonfrank's submission here looks like the stock Cloud City map with some new units. These new units are some kind of zombie; no doubt they were cross-infected by one of the thousands of immune L4D gamer carriers. In this mod, the Rebel units are all stripped of their weapons but are given a melee attack, and presumably they attack horde-style, as zombies are wont to do.
 You apparently play the role of one of a hundred stormtroopers sent to save (?) Bespin from the zombie-rebel threat.
 If it looks appealing or if you're simply hungry for more zombies, give it a shot.

How to Install: Open file with 7 zip or WinRAR and place the folder named bespin2 in your AddOn folder. The AddOn folder is located most of the time here C:Program Files (x86)LucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn
Need to tell me anything about this file just leave a comment!

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