Author Topic: swbf-unmunge Step By Step Basics  (Read 430 times)


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swbf-unmunge Step By Step Basics
« on: October 07, 2017, 01:03:16 AM »

Hello, lets talk step by step about SleepKiller's SWBF Unmunge commandline tool.

If you need to take game assets and use them ingame, you follow the 'munge'/compile process,
but what if you need compiled *.LVL files back in their original state?

If you're reading this, you probably already know that SleepKiller's fancy new tool exists, and
that it can do the above mentioned process for you (albeit, it's not complete as of 10/6/2017), but
how do we use it?

Lets assume you don't even have the tool yet, what's the first step?
Swbf-unmunge topic is the tools official topic by it's creator,
but we're looking for the tool download itself, which is here, on its GitHub releases page.

The most recent stable version today (10/7/2017) is "v0.6.1", so let's describe that process first.

Simply click the link that our red arrow points to, which downloads a zip containing our tool.
When it's finished downloading, you'll need to extract it to a folder (because there are several files,
and you don't want them all over your desktop, for example).
I'll extract them to my desktop in a new folder "SWBFUnmunge."

Now we'll need an *.LVL file to experiment on, so I'll get load.lvl from my game's directory:
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/Data/_LVL_PC/Load/load.lvl
You can choose whatever file you wish, but I'll assume you're using this one.

Lets copy/paste it to /SWBFUnmunge/ where our tool is, just for fun.

swbf-unmunge.exe is the actual tool, and it works by commands, so let's create our command just to test it out.
There are two generic ways to run the correct command, and the proper usage is described on the tool's front page here.
1. Open command prompt
    (cmd.exe, and depending on the location of LVL files you're using, you might right click it and 'Run As
    Administrator'), and navigate to the folder we extracted swbf-unmunge:
        I'll type cd C:/Users/Jon/Desktop/SWBFUnmunge/
        Next, we'll type swbf-unmunge
        If this works, it should output the correct usage, as displayed:
        If not, you should see an error about the command not existing,
        meaning you're 'cd'ed in the wrong directory.
    If all went well, type swbf-unmunge -file load.lvl -version swbf -outversion swbf -imgfmt png
    After the command runs, you should see the files populate in a new folder "/load/" in the same directory as in
    input file we used "load.lvl", we asked the tool to export PNG files, so you should be able to see the textures
    of load.lvl inside the newly created folder, along with any other assets. Pretty cool!

2. If you're cool like me, you can type 'cmd' into the address bar of the file explorer, if you're currently in
    /SWBFUnmunge/, where we extracted swbf-unmunge.exe and it's files.
    This will open a new command window, already 'cd'ed to the directory of your file explorer.
    type swbf-unmunge -file load.lvl -version swbf -outversion swbf -imgfmt png

*Editing more in future with more explanations, and how to use all the options, and (optionally) my GUI*

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Re: swbf-unmunge Step By Step Basics
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 05:00:03 AM »
Much appreciated, RepComm  :tu:
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