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SWBF1 Modding / Re: Custom default local server settings
« on: July 04, 2017, 08:28:53 PM »
Nice find thx :tu:
I've also customized this script a bit. A while ago I changed this line so that players only have to click once to go from 16 to 0 AI. Click twice to go to 32.

Code: [Select]
elseif (this.CurButton == "bots") then
--this.iNumBots = max(0,this.iNumBots - 1)
if(this.iNumBots == 0) then
if(this.bDedicated) then
this.iNumBots =this.iMaxDedicatedBots
this.iNumBots =this.iMaxBots
this.iNumBots = this.iNumBots - 16 ---- stock -1, fix added June 2014 by Phobos

Forum News and Forum Rules / Re: Gametracker
« on: July 04, 2017, 12:33:25 PM »
I think I found the fix to show map images on SWBFGamers homepage again. Go to the HTML embed code and remove the www. part like this

Code: [Select]
<iframe src="
Code: [Select]
<iframe src="
This worked for embedding server list on the new clan site

Not sure about the terrain, but the stars might need increased settings. Try these, if it still doesn't work then post the rest of your SKY file here, as there could be something else breaking it.

Code: [Select]
Color(255, 255, 255, 255);

How the guns are held is controlled by the line AnimationBank the default anim for most guns is
Code: [Select]
AnimationBank = "rifle""pistol" is used for 1 handed guns. "lightsabre" is the default melee anim.

I'm not sure of which exact animation would work best for your idea, but if none of the stock BF1 anims work you can always test using stock anims from BF2. Modders can add up to 6 custom weapon animations to any mission through the side or common LVL. I've posted a tutorial for this here

If you need help munging the anims let me know. I've tested several BF2 anims for melee weapons in TWD here using the 0.85 melee optimizer

I haven't tested any custom firearm animations yet for the mod, but if you have SWBF2 you can play through the various units there and see which animations might work best. Some of them don't port to SWBF1 properly so they must all be tested in game.

Maybe there is another way using XSI for the gun model itself, in that case I don't know. You might have to create the right animation yourself, which is something Ginev was working on I think.

I'm also dying to know how to enable the "special jet tricks" like the double jet jump/roll the dark troopers do in mid-air. Any luck with this one in particular yet?
I don't know any way for players to use this trick, I've only seen AI use it. If you land on a (slanted) surface after the first jet though it's possible to jet twice. I suspect there is a memory address somewhere that could be altered using cheat engine to enable this if it was discovered. If it's not featured in SWBF2 then the code was probably removed for that game, which likely would require the game source to re-add.

Im a swbf2 modder but many things should be the same on swbf1.
The AI have "serpentine" state which triggers when enemy aims directly at them. Serpentine means they will strafe to right and left to try to dodge your shots. By testing, I found out that AI do not use serpentine state when they are close to barriers (those things set up in ZE that tell AI where they cannot go). I removed all the barriers and they started using it very often. However not using any barriers also presents problems like bots walking into objects. I need to test this more because I think just keeping important barriers could be a compromise.
The "serpentine" state that AI use has their best strafing patterns. I noticed this too using SPtest. If there was a way to permanently force AI to always use this setting, they would be way stronger.

If you want snipers or other units to shoot you from across the map thats easy. First make sure the weapon ordnance itself has the required range (lifespan and velocity affect this) then in the weapon odf look for minrange,optimalrange and maxrange. Make the minrange 0, make optimal whatever range you think is good and maxrange something crazy like 2000 or more. Also make Lockonrange very high or 0 (infinite). If the weapon dont have those odf lines, you can add them (find the examples in other odfs). In mission lua, there are sometimes commands that limit the ranges like aisnipesuitability or setdefenderrange etc, just remove those or put really high values.

You cant make the AI more intelligent. You can make them hide behind objects with hintnodes or jump in planning (assuming its the same in bf1). You can make them roll from a grenade by adding "sticky" classlabel to the ord (cause them to "flee event" state when near) someone asked to remove that feature, so removing it is possible with this. I also tried adding it as "tracer" ordnance to normal weapons, it was kinda funny when bots rolled from shooting my shotgun at them but ultimately it made them react slower and made them worse.

If we had the source files, we could make some hard bots which would compete with humans I think. But like this, its just minor improvements.
I've unlocked max range shooting for most weapons but there's still a hardcoded limit for AI aiming distance in BF1.

There is a memory address for this too that hasn't been discovered yet. AI are hard-coded to dodge anything that has delayed explosion and is "sticky" classlabel. Some of the weapons in my mod have to use this classlabel, so for now the zombie AI still dodge them.

You're right about the source files. Unfortunately neither game source can be released though, which limits our improvements to mods and memory hacking.

Released Assets / Re: Alternative Hero Costumes Thread
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:26:09 PM »
Nice :tu:

Star Wars Battlefront / Re: Server down again for SWBF1 PS2 server
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:15:01 AM »
i just went to play online ps2 but none of the servers are showing in the lobby is the master server working tonight?
The SWBFSpy Master Server has been down tonight for a few hours, though the game servers are still up on gametracker.

I will shutdown the game server and Master Server tonight, and bring everything back up Tuesday morning.
Upcoming Xen upgrade with reboot @ 1:30am Central Time on June 20
The [FC] servers will also be down during this time for the same upgrades.

General / EvolveHQ Shut Down
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:23:35 PM »
A couple weeks ago, Evolve permanently shut down their VLAN service and removed all user profile pages just like Xfire. :(

Although Evolve was the best VLAN service until it shut down, at least Tunngle is still functional. Our community shouldn't have to worry though since we now have SWBFSpy.

Except for playing SWBF1 patch 1.3 online, the Internet option doesn't work so the only way is Player Hosted servers through Tunngle

To Our Friends and Members:

Evolve Labs will be shutting down operations of Evolve HQ and Evolve Arenas, effective June 1, 2017.

“Evolve or Die”. These were words our company lived by. But sometimes there isn’t a choice. And despite our desire and best efforts to find another way forward, we’ve run out of options.

This is not the time to dissect all the reasons for how we reached this point, but there were a few major contributors:

Lack of a viable business model.
Investor funding to build viable alternatives (HQ 2.0 and Arenas).
Failed acquisition.
Stiff competition.
When we were right, we were right. When we were wrong, we were damn near right. But “almost” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

There are many people to thank.

Our Team – We’ve had the privilege of having brilliant founding engineers and the opportunity to build a team of the best talent from anywhere. They poured their guts into this company. They were loyal to a person. All were tested. All gave their all. Minneapolis. San Francisco. Seattle. Minsk. You know who you are. Prost!
Our Investors – Family. Friends. You were the ones who believed in us most. Again and again. You provided us this opportunity to realize our vision of Gaming. Better. Together. Because you believed in that vision… but more importantly, you believed in us. Thank you.
And You – Our members. All 3 million of you. But especially those who were able to support us with their wallets. We shared your pain. You shared our vision. And we can honestly say, we so wanted to make it happen for you. We’re sorry we let you down.
As a side note: those of you who joined us and made a financial contribution to Evolve HQ over the last 30 days will be receiving a full refund.

We learned so much.  We hope it was worth it for you. We know it was worth trying. We hope our paths cross again. Until then…

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Adam and OODA

I had saved only one copy of my profile page from June 2015.

Released Assets / Night of the Living Dead - Side Assets
« on: June 14, 2017, 08:10:53 PM »
Night of the Living Dead - Side Assets;sa=view;down=1433

NOTLD has reached 1000 downloads on :cheers:
There's also an additional 136 downloads currently for it on

Since the original sides & mission probably won't be updated again, I've decided to release the source builder for it, so other modders can customize NOTLD sides or use the assets in their maps. You can modify any of these files for other mods but the original credits should be included.

Tirpider has granted permission to distribute the crowbar model, originally created by Milanbon.
It should be fine. You won't be distributing the source model (which falls under Turbosquid's Royalty Free License) so simply mentioning "Original Model by milanbon" or something like that should keep everyone out of jail.

NOTLD map is being upgraded into Hershel's Farm for The Walking Dead Mod. The most recent edition of the map is featured in TWD Battlefront v0.94

SWBF1 Modding / Re: [WIP] Naboo: City of Theed
« on: June 14, 2017, 03:56:33 PM »
Looking forward to this epic map :cheers:

Eventually the SWBFSpy team plans to add as many old GameSpy features as possible, including the profile manager and a leaderboards website similar to the original lucasarts SWBF leaderboards. For now we are still figuring out the MS code, so updates like this are gonna take time to implement.

GameRanger, Tunngle and Internet / Re: Fake players.
« on: June 10, 2017, 01:36:46 PM »
Well, why would a server need so many fake players? :blink:When pressed tab, none of them showed up
The fake player program tries to fill the server so if there is 40 slots it will try to add 40 fake players. If the server had only 4 slots it would fill just those.

They aren't needed often, but I run it at least once a week for an hour in case of player inactivity, so that all the server stats aren't removed. Additional testing is also being done on TWD server.

GameRanger, Tunngle and Internet / Re: Fake players.
« on: June 10, 2017, 01:27:40 PM »
The server I was joining had 38 out of 40 players, but I believe it was a US server and I'm a few thousand miles away.And in my time zone, Sunday is usually when I see most people.Saturday is the day I game though, and where I'm based, we have our weekends on Friday and Saturday.
The [FC]Battlefront GCW server sometimes has fake players in it too but not as often

GameRanger, Tunngle and Internet / Re: Fake players.
« on: June 10, 2017, 01:15:00 PM »
Yes, i saw them too. But i think it isn't fake players.Anubys (one of theese "fake" players) said that he wants to save his stats and stay in game is only 1 way to save it.
Actually when a player reloads a map, the previous frag count is kept in memory until this one spills the first blood.
This happens after two successive sessions.

Players can only be fake if the stats are 0-0-0, or 0-0-(some random number). If the player name has kills then it's a real player. So my in game name "Anubis" is not a fake player. Fake player DDOS bots would usually fill all player slots in the server or you see them in great numbers. The fake players in TWD server use names of playable characters to be featured in the mod and u can see that they always have 0 kills.

You might also notice how real players such as Anubis and John Boy rack up lots of AI kills and then go AFK, this is due to the way GameTracker logs points. Yes you can die or capture CPs, and as long as you don't get kills the previous kill count remains in place. It's possible without using any cheats or glitches to get 200 kills with perfect play on Cloud City like this

Also about a year ago GameTracker changed their stats logging system so I had to change my tag design since certain custom characters are no longer supported. So really I should have about 230k points atm

I'm having the same (problem?) thing too.I thought that those people are the hosts and are just viewing the match or have SWBF open at the time.But, even on Sunday's when most people play, I join and nobody's there.Just me and my high ping...

Make sure at least 2-4 players are in the server when u join and there should be at least 1 player who isn't AFK. As Led mentioned these are usually the best times to play

Saturdays are good from 2-5 PM eastern US time, evenings about 6-9 PM eastern time during the week.

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