Author Topic: "Your CD key is not authorized" please post here if you get this message  (Read 2737 times)

[SWBF1 RGA N.America] Drunken_Master

Windows 8;   I went to the CDkey.exe file
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and had to right click and select "Run as administrator"  then it was able to generate the windows registry entries.  without running as admin, it did not fix the windows registry. 

Registry patch;sa=view;down=1401  also fixes it just faster / less typing. 

I don't know that we know for sure that this is the real problem but it sounds like it probably is.  More feedback is appreciated.
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[SWBF1 RGA N.America] Drunken_Master

New beta test patch, please let me know if it works or does not;sa=view;down=1403