April Fool's Mod aka "CloudCity!"

Started by SleepKiller, April 04, 2012, 05:43:13 PM

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You may have noticed that the server {PLA}CloudCity! is a little strange. Modified weapons, speedy pilots, walk through walls, invisible ramps, crazy spawn nodes. And more.

This contains the files I made for the mod, it will let you host a similar server. (Mission.lvl not included, Led made that it's up to him to release it.)


Replace the side lvls with the new ones as well as the common.lvl with the new one and the bes2.lvl with the new one. (I can't be bothered writing full instructions at the moment. Anyone else be my guest.)

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I will make a server package with the mission and upload it here when I get a chance.

For future reference, you can always repackage any mod that I make (if I have credits to others, just please include them).


download link:
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Brilliant mod!
Had a great time on it yesterday using the ultra-speedy pilot.