Battlefront Team Tournament 2022

Started by {PLA}gdh92, May 06, 2022, 10:41:24 AM

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May 06, 2022, 10:41:24 AM Last Edit: May 12, 2022, 11:06:25 AM by {PLA}gdh92
We're pleased to announce that starting on the first weekend of July we'll finally be having another tournament. The Battlefront Team Tournament is now open for signups with any players, regardless of ability, welcome to join!

The tournament will be played on SWBFspy to ensure stable servers and organised by AR (Spieler 1 and gdh92) with help from Dark Phantom. Thanks to Joseph for advice and as always Led for this site, hosting SWBFspy and everything else.  :tu:

Most of the tournament organisation will take place on the AR discord but you don't need Discord to join.

How it works:
+ For 4 weeks 4 teams will battle across a variety of regular and mod maps to find the champions.
+ For the first 3 weeks you'll battle each of the other teams on two maps from the list of tournament maps below, one you pick and one they pick.
+ To ensure neither side has an advantage you will play both sides with the combined score (reinforcements left) deciding the winner.
+ After these games are complete each week, and to avoid ties, there will be one final match using fairsides (no tanks and special units will be balanced) in a team death match style (no capturing command posts).
+ Every win will give your team 1 point on the overall leaderboard (3 points available per week).
+ Finally on the fourth week will be the grand final. Using the same format  the top two teams will face off for final victory with the other two fighting for third.

Tournament rules:
- Teams must keep a public list of active players which can be added to through the tournament but not have players removed from.
- Chosen planets and eras must be provided to organisers by Wednesday.
- Once a map has been played it will be removed from the list for the following week to encourage variety. All maps will be available for the final week.
- Standard battle times are between 5 and 8PM UK/12 and 3EST on a Saturday (announced by admins) but can be changed if both teams agree. Battles must start within 10minutes of the scheduled time.
- If the server location can't be agreed the lower ranked team will decide or a random location will be used in the event of a tie.
- After 6 players on a team neither team can be outnumbered by more than 1
- Teams can bring as many mercenaries (players not on their list) as they like but the same outnumbering rules apply
- Player count is based on the start of the game.
- Extra players can join late between rounds but not during fighting and the same outnumbering rules apply.
- Screenshots must be taken of all final scores

Gameplay Rules:
► Be Nice - We're all here to have fun
► Stand on your command post until the start countdown has ended
► No player side gameplay mods
► Server will be set with 3 second invincibility so spawnmines are allowed
► Friendly fire will be Off for conquest and On for team deathmatch

Below is the current list of teams available to join.
Team Public US
Contact: Dark Phantom

Team Public Euro by BW
Contact: bw syy or bw nex

AR Clan
Contact: {AR}SPIELER 1.2

S Team
Contact: Joseph

Planet list:
Week 1 - Citadel
Week 2 - TBC
Week 3 - TBC
Week 4 - Mos Eisley

Team Choices:
1. SWBF2 Coruscant Jedi Temple
2. Coruscant Streets
3. Coruscant City
4. Bespin Cloud City
5. Rhen Var Citadel
6. Hoth Caves
7. Eddies Italia
8. SWBF2 Tantive 4
9. Nar Shadaa The Roof
10. Tatooine Jabba's Palace
11. SWBF2 Mustafar
12. Tatooine Mos Eisley
13. Dantooine Dust
14. Naboo Airfield
I play less now but I'll always be around, lets keep this site and battlefront going. :)


First of all, thanks for taking the time to work on all this! Sounds like so much fun  :cheers:

I wish I had the time to play this event, but if there's the possibility of being a mercenary for any team count me in ;)
Hopefully I'll be able to make it to at least a couple of rounds.

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Hi folks, if you're from Europe and would like to participate feel free to message me here or on the AR discord, I'll set you up in the Public Euro team, for the veterans it's basically YAK but EU.

See ya

Quote from: Syyy on May 13, 2022, 04:20:31 AMHi folks, if you're from Europe and would like to participate feel free to message me here or on the AR discord, I'll set you up in the Public Euro team, for the veterans it's basically YAK but EU.

See ya
Good luck! I'm glad the spirit of YAK lives on