Is direct IP connection to a dedicated server supported?

Started by EP3942, December 07, 2022, 05:39:07 PM

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I attempted to host a SWBF dedicated server (using the 1.2 version) on a windows server 2016 environment. I installed an older GOG version 1.2 SWBF game and attempted to connect to the dedicated server with direct connection. The dedicated server showed the profile connect but on the client side it said busy until it timed out. Is direct connect still functional?

I don't think GoG enabled DC

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Well that's unfortunate, I knew they disabled that feature from Battlefront 2, but the 1.2 version of Battlefront 1 from GOG still has the option for direct connection (which was removed in their 1.3 update).

Despite being labeled "Direct Connect", the implementation in BF1 was reliant on the Gamespy Master Server still.
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