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Started by Dark_Phantom, November 16, 2017, 03:34:42 PM

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On the eve of the "re-release" of Battlefront 2, I feel that maybe this might be a good time to show that new discoveries are still being found every day in the original Star Wars Battlefront game.  This is not a finished product - there are a few killer bugs I have documented, but you can see for yourselves in this low-quality video that it is possible to have more than 5 units in Battlefront.
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'Please, tell me more about the logistics of the design of laser swords being wielded by space wizards' - Some guy on the internet.

Nice find!  :cheers:
Hello, I am into modding Star Wars Battlefront II and Minecraft. I am co-leading a Star Wars Battlefront II mod called Star Wars: A New Frontier. I am also the lead developer for a Minecraft mod called Wither Craft.

You've done what I thought would be impossible without the source code. Great work!

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So you nearly got it figured out! Nice!

I guess the only drawback ATM are that you can't switch sides, and that the boxes on the left don't display unit names yet. But hopefully this can all be condensed soon and we can have a working version which will enable us to finally break this barrier. It'd certainly change the scope of modding, being able to have more units to spawn as.

If you have to disable side switching on the spawn screen, I wonder if it's possible to reinsert the side selection dialogue that appears in the console versions and in SWBF2? (the SWBF2 equivalent appears to be "ifs_sideselect" which doesn't appear to be in SWBF1's shell.lvl)
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