Author Topic: DC-15, DC-15LE and DC-15X Blaster Rifles  (Read 200 times)


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Re: DC-15, DC-15LE and DC-15X Blaster Rifles
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2018, 07:47:14 AM »
Nope. Disney do not control the canon. The LucasFilm Story Group, who are comprised of the "Holocron Keepers" of old, do - in other words, the likes of Leland Chee, Pablo Hidalgo, and Dave Filoni to name a few. Dave Filoni, showrunner of TCW, has said that DC-15A was correct, and that decision predated the Disney purchase, as did the Visual Dictionary which explicitly named the long blaster as the DC-15 without a suffix.

Saying "Disney canon bs" is equivalent to saying "Fox canon bs" when Fox were distributing the films, or "cartoon network bs" when Cartoon Network were doing TCW. That's all Disney are doing here: distribution.

At this point, though, I'd like to drop the subject as an asset release thread is perhaps not the best place to have this debate.
Guns are the same, names are meaningless in all of this. Interesting though.
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