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i made a setup video for it when i was trying to help MamaLuigi get the server online hope this can help others . like Led said you will have to port forward 3658/3659 udp on your router/cable box/windows firewall/antivirus firewall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kyat7uSupY
PS2 for SWBF and SWBF2 / {The Assualt Squad} Ps2 SWBF2 clan.
« Last post by Frostycrossing on Today at 10:54:05 PM »
Do you like star wars battlefront 2 on ps2? want some buddies to play online with or even get competitive with? The assualt squad is a friendly group of battlefront 2 lovers with our very own ps2 server. just be sure you are connected to the swbf master server with the primary DNS Our server is called: TAS CLAN. message me for a invite to our discord and the server password. We cant wait to meet you. NIGHTLY MATCHES AND FRIDAY NIGHT IS ALWAYS BUSY.  :moo:
Star Wars Battlefront / Kashyyyk Islands Night Time PS2
« Last post by Rookie 1 on Today at 10:07:31 PM »
So I played battlefront all the time on the ps2 as a kid. When I got the game on pc years later, I noticed Kashyyyk Islands looked brighter. I had always remembered that map being pure night time. I thought I was just remembering the game wrong until I looked up a youtube video of the ps2 version the other night and realized I wasn't wrong. Does anyone know why there was a difference on the sky between console and pc? And is there any mod that has the night sky for Kashyyyk islands on pc?
Sorry it took a while to play this new update, but I played with this the last two days and have some thoughts.
-The AI main soldier class seems to treat their rifle like a rocket launcher or sniper rifle, as when you get close to them they switch to their pistol.
-I kind of miss the old heavy class where they all had unique weapons, but it's not a bad change. The heavy rifle works really well for the class.
-I think the thermal imploder for the wookie needs a buff. It's harder to kill enemies  with then a regular thermal. Most of the time the enemies I throw it at just barely move a little away from it and it gets no one.
-Did you change the textures for Kashyyyk docks? I noticed at a distance the wookie huts are just white like a un textured model, only loading the textures when close to them. This doesn't happen in my vanilla game.
-Naboo Outpost could use more AI on the battlefield, as you can spend a lot of time not encountering anyone. Due to the size of the map I think a mobile command post would also be a good addition to it, such as the MTT.
-I love that the tie striker is used as a bomber, and the AT-ACT is really cool too.
Overall still one of the best side mods for battlefront 1. Looking forward to the next updates  :tu:
Released Maps and Mods / Re: Serejas_Naboo_City_of_Theed.rar
« Last post by SchTicK on Today at 09:04:22 PM »
Sorry for the late reply. Just had to says thank you to Sereja for the fantastic map. The detail in the scenery is what I love about your maps. I also like the new sound bits from the latest movies. I'll play this map for a long time.
Yeah search basepose on gt. I read a tutorial under the modeling section that taught me.
I think you're better off asking on GameToast about a complete tutorial. I'm sure I saw one on there but it's not listed on the Everything You Need thread.
Is there a complete tutorial? I can spend my time on this stuff, and this would actually bump up the developement of my mod. Also I was trying to envelope a Rebels Stormtrooper model from a pinball game, its awesome and it could open the doors for some Rebels mod, since nowadays everyone makes TCW mods cause the assets for that are really accessible
Released Assets / Re: Rogue One Weapons Pack
« Last post by 1ИC06И170 on Today at 02:59:16 AM »
Simply Blyatiful.

I'm stuck on how awesome the A280 looks.
What you want to do is export a basepose.msh.
You simply key frames 0 and 1 in the animation editor, make sure you're on 0, hide the mesh and just leave the bones visible. Export it, and then place it in your Animations folder. There should be a template folder that you'll place the basepose.msh in. Edit the munge.bat to edit the name of the zafbin and it's location. Munge, and then in your odf list the SkeletonName = "name_of_zafbin"
It will use the standard human animations, but will adopt your bone positions. That said, the only true 100% way would be to make custom animations, but this usually does the trick well enough.
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