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Star Wars Battlefront

Join us here for the Original SWBF and SWBF2 now hosts SWBFspy -- the Gamemaster Internet Masterserver software for Internet Multiplayer Games

New Internet Multiplayer Patches Released:
See this link for details for SWBF and SWBF2

See this link for dedicated SWBFspy Gameservers for SWBF and SWBF2

Let us know if you have any suggestions!

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Welcome to! We are a community focusing on the Star Wars Battlefront series, and primarily the original SWBF. We host tournaments and have one of the largest file archives for the SWBF series on the Internet. We are also one of the largest SWBF modding sites on the Internet, with many tutorials and resources for modding. If you are interested in joining our community, please register- it's free and we are a friendly group.

If you are looking for the Downloads section, you will need to register and log in to the site.  We are sorry for the inconvenience, but hope that you find our archives useful and want to encourage you to participate in our community.  We also want to point out that we are an advertisement-free web-site and take pride that we keep our content clean for SWBF players of all ages.  This is a link to our forum rules.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you will stay with us for a long time!

August 04, 2017, 10:32:24 AM by Led
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Hi SWBFgamers,

I am archiving inactive boards and removing board moderators for them.  If your access to a board has been cutoff and you think you may need access again, let me know. 

I am removing board moderators for clan boards that have been inactive for a year or more.  If you are in that clan, your board access will remain.  If you would like moderator access back, just let me know.
August 02, 2017, 07:01:54 PM by Anyder
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Good night Community,

A member of the community who used to be around for quite a long time was invited to leave us because he claimed the administration of SWBFSpy was built out of "tyrants" who turned against him.

Here is the history of SWBFspy:

SWBFSpy is managed by Led at and supported by the Community Ambassador, Anyder.

SWBFspy was the name give to Kalle's (Gameshare) Gamemaster Master Server (MS) program that allows players to find and choose a server aka "server browser".  One of our members, Sleepkiller, thought up the name, for the logical reason that it has the same number of characters as Gamespy (the original MS program that came with the game) and that it is primarily supporting SWBF. 

Led purchased the domain name called and Anyder made the appropriate hexedits to allow the games to get to the new MS.

Kalle, contacted by Anyder, and Jedikiller got the MS installed working for us, and with help from oldsnake, Mike, and others in the PS2 community, we got it working for PS2 players in addition to PC players.  Many players have donated money to keep the MS and game servers running for us all.

At this time, Phobos mentioned that he thought up the name "SWBFspy".  Although there is no evidence of this, he is listed as independently thinking up the name.

Unfortunately, Phobos seems to believe that he has some role in the administration of the MS.  He edited his profile to list himself as an administrator of SWBFspy.

This was posted to a YouTube webpage called "SWBFgamers".  This YouTube user was made by Phobos to be confusing to people searching for the legitimate "" YouTube page:

SWBFSpy is the official multiplayer substitute for the previous GameSpy Master Server currently undergoing development. Phobos (me) and Wolf created SWBFSpy in 2013 as a SWBF1 and SWBF2 master server replacement for GameSpy. In 2016 Anyder and Led attempted a Coup d'état to take away my authority and control over SWBFSpy, unwilling to share the power equally. They purchased SWBFSpy Dot Com which is a fake master server and not the real one. Originally I was ok with delegating some control to them, but then they got too big for their britches and had to be demoted, for not respecting me as the admin & founder of SWBFSpy. In return I've taken over youtube channel and will use this to announce the new master server publicly, along with a new public forum being launched soon! Currently I'm improving the GameMaster source and building the Official SWBFSpy Master Server.  An official patch and announcement will be released to the public when it is finished @

Clearly phobos has felt some serious resentment about his non-involvement in the MS.  Led found this offensive and purchased the domain "" since it was still available.

Phobos became enraged by this and purchased the domain

Recently Anyder made a public a website which contained all the info about SWBFSpy - - and because we wouldn't list him as a SWBFSpy admin, he started threatening Led and Anyder, telling them he could not be stopped.

He claims to be building a master server himself, which we never discouraged, but the problem came when he started creating fake groups and pages, which were copies of what Anyder had written, but changing to so as to cause confusion among the player base.

He recently posted these quotes in his copied websites:
- "Anyder tried to usurp my SWBFSpy Leadership like a thief"
- "Anyder is currently posing as an ambassador and admin of SWBFSpy, but the truth is that he has no involvement with the project. Same goes for Led, another poor poser who thinks he is admin, but in reality is nothing."
- "Led/Buckler stole the .com domain registration, and then Anyder stole the SWBFSpy steam community registration, asserting himself as the unofficial SWBFSpy project leader/manager/admin and community ambassador, without authorization from the actual community leader, myself."
- "Neither of those tyrants have any authority over {his MS} or"

We want you all to understand why we banned him.

Led & Anyder - SWBFSpy
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