Ty294 Map & Mod Upcoming Release Thread

Started by Ty294, April 25, 2022, 10:31:14 AM

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Creating this as a general purpose thread to announce/draw attention to projects I'm working on or that are being released soon or have been released. Figured since I don't do any huge projects, one thread should suffice for everything.

Anyway, starting off by announcing the release of Ranen: Lava Fields (1.0). It's out for download on Gamefront currently, and eventually I plan to get it released on ModDB as a backup.

I know I said my next project would be for BF2... but frankly trying to convert Ranen: Platforms over just killed my interest in modding in general for a time. I only got back to it after I abandoned that endeavor and started working on new projects for BF1 again. Anyway, description below:

QuoteSo after many years, we finally have the 1.0 release of Ranen: Lava Fields. The one that I released over a decade ago was listed as a BETA, because I failed to polish it with things like an Instant Action preview video and a half-way decent minimap. I basically didn't touch that map much after that release, and like everything modding related, I left it on the shelf for nearly a decade during my hiatus. Now here I am, back again, and with a truly complete version.

This new version keeps the same general layout of the old map, but with a more detailed terrain, more objects, vastly improved textures, and a new skybox and atmospheric effects (as seen in my recently released Ranen: Platforms 4.0). I also added some new vehicles, such as the Rebel Hovernaut and the BF2 Hovertank, as well as an Imperial AAT, and the Republic AT-XT. I also reskinned some of the vehicles I had in the old map, so the Rebels can still roll around in an IFT Fightertank and an AT-TE. There are also some new units, with Pysch0fred's Bothan Spy highlighting the Rebel faction, the Empire retaining the Imperial Officer and also getting a JKO/JKA-themed Stormtrooper Officer, the Republic getting the Clone Commander, and the CIS getting a rework of the SBD (which is typical of my old maps, but I've revised it yet again). Also, my Gamma Force side is present on the map as an unplayable ally to the Empire, and a group of Jedi likewise will aid the Republic side. With both the units and the vehicles, I tried to keep things fairly vanilla-friendly, and was actually hoping to restore cut content as much as possible, though with only partial success. I did end up creating some things that I ended up cutting out of this map, but which I hope to maybe include in future ones.

I want to give a very special thanks to Ginev, who created the lava fields and the bridges that I used in this map. He also converted the Jedi Outcast weapon models I used and provided miscellaneous help on a bunch of other things. His time is very much appreciated! Shout out to you, my friend!



Looks good to me, congrats!
I just approved the download here, but if you want, upload it to the forums and if file is too large, let us know to upload it ourselves and link it to the DL.

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Quote from: Anyder on April 26, 2022, 02:12:25 PMHello!

Looks good to me, congrats!
I just approved the download here, but if you want, upload it to the forums and if file is too large, let us know to upload it ourselves and link it to the DL.

Thanks! And yeah, the file had been just slightly too large to upload directly, which was why my submission was just a URL instead. Main reason I did that instead of directly approaching someone in DM about it was because I just wanted to make sure the upload info was setup how I wanted it formatted and such, because I'm borderline OCD about stuff like that. lol

Anyway, that said, now that the submission is out there, if you'd like to replace the URL linkout with a direct upload here, that's all good with me! Having the download available in multiple places is never a bad thing.  :tu: