wine server with "special" command line arguments (on swbfspy)

Started by styinx, May 13, 2022, 02:16:24 AM

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I am trying to start a swbf server on a Linux machine with wine and the in-game "admin console".

Using wine with the Server Manager UI works fine:
wine "battlefront server.exe"
Running it from the command line also works:
wine battlefront.exe /norender /resolution 320 240 /autonet dedicated /gamename test kam1c 1 1
However, when I add the "adminpw" command I get a segfault:
wine battlefront.exe /norender /resolution 320 240 /autonet dedicated /adminpw blub /gamename test kam1c 1 1
Does anyone have an idea what might be the problem?
Is it even possible to use the adminpw command?

This is for 2004?  I don't think that is supported. I will edit this post with allowed commands soon.
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Yes for the 2004 version.

Thanks for the reply, that explains a lot. Should have looked into the exe beforehand  :slap:
Do you know if there is a built-in way to handle map selection etc. with the ingame commands?
Or does this only exist in later versions of the game?

I made list of commands found in the steam version:
However, I was not aware that some commands were added that can't be found in the original ...

These are the commands found in the 1.2 exe. Feel free to extend missing, or remove false ones.
I think there might be some commands that have nothing to do with the gameplay.


You can read this post for details on hosting with batch files (command line interface):

I'm still looking for the list of commands and what they do...some do nothing.  More later  :cheers:
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/adminpw is only supported in 1.3 and Steam/GOG.

1.3 is only playable with the original game disk.  Therefore, the Steam/GOG version is the only way to use this.  These versions do NOT support the dedicated server software.  You can run the Steam/GOG exe with the commands like a dedicated server but in my experience, it is flaky at best and a pain to manage overall.

There is no "console" per se.  The existing 1.3 documentation shows how to use /adminpw, which then can allow you to use admin commands ingame, such as changing the map list and attempting to boot someone.  Changing the map list works, but attempting to use the boot command only boots yourself out of the server.  There's other documentation here: (which mostly comes from the 1.3 patch readme... GOG clearly never tested any of this so I did)

The terminal application referenced does not seem to exist and I highly doubt the source code for that will ever come to light.
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lmao you try to boot someone and it kicks you instead this is why i prefer 1.2
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