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Title: Message from Gforce about Mac port
Post by: Led on April 12, 2015, 08:07:30 AM
I don't know anything about the ports, sorry.  I will post your message on the forums.

Hey Led, Just incase you were curious...Kalle over at gamemaster has been looking into this CD Key not authorized problem on Battlefront 1 with me and my other mac friends and it turns out the problem is with the particular port / cider thing that it has us download and use in that mac tutorial. We would log in and Kalle would check with his master server and he can see each person that logs in and what CD key shows up for them. Even though we all have different and good CD keys, that port plugs in the same cd key for all of us. So it is only allowing one same CD key per room. So we tried taking that port out and different cd keys would then show but the load time was so long that it would kick us out and not connect, so it wasn't running smooth without that port.

So that particular cider port for some reason plugs in 1 universal key or something and anyone that uses it, it just says the same particular key and then more than one can't join even though they have their own legit CD keys. We even did the Step 7 that kit mentions where we go into the system.reg file and replace the "XXXs" with our Cd key and still gives us all the same key when we are logging in.

I wonder if there is a better port out there, are you aware of any that might work?
Title: Re: Message from Gforce about Mac port
Post by: Led on April 12, 2015, 08:08:48 AM
The interesting thing about this, is that if Kalle has source code for the Master server, I think that this should take only minutes to fix.

Regarding trying to fix the port, I think that if the key is stored in the port, then you should be able to hex edit the port and put in the new key.  Maybe Kalle can tell you what the key is so you can search for it.