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Skirmish in SWBFEA2
« on: August 12, 2017, 07:00:46 AM »
Special thanks go to Cam Thiessens for posting this information to the #SoloPlayersMatter group on Facebook. I'm simply mirroring the info here.

Three modes that can for sure be confirmed for skirmish in the game files. THESE ARE NOT ALL THE MODES THAT WILL BE IN SKIRMISH AT LAUNCH. Skirmish is still being worked on at this very moment, and what we have here we only know from the alpha files which are obviously incomplete. Some of this is educated guessing based on the incomplete values, strings, and flags us dataminers can see in the skirmish menu files.

Blast: Basic Team Deathmatch like the first game. This time however, special units, heroes, and possibly vehicles are usable. The number of bots field can be set to 15 for each side, curiously.

Galactic Assault: you know what it is by now. The main big mode. TAKE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT, COULD BE WRONG ABOUT THIS. Not officially in the files or confirmed, but the Alpha's tutorial video shows galactic assault gameplay when referring to skirmish.

Duel: Appears to be a 1v1 mode where you can pit heroes against each other. Being in skirmish and having a solo mode tag present, we can assume that means AI heroes will be present for single player.

Onslaught: a newly discovered mode. Not many big details but it's listed as a menu entry and has some editable flags. Can't fully make out exactly what it is, but my educated guess after looking at the flags is it'll be a mixture of survival and supremacy. Think like holding off waves to capture control points around the map, with reinforcement units kinda thing. DETAILS IN ANOTHER POST

Conquest mode (classic capture command posts mode) is referenced a couple times but there are no details beyond just a few name drops.

On top of that, it appears that in skirmish blast mode you'll be able to pit any two factions against each other, including themselves (i.e. Clones against clones). While not concrete, and take it with a grain of salt, there is a "scenario" field in the options screen that, while at the moment the fields aren't labeled, has 21 selectable settings, and the total number of possible faction combinations is exactly 21.

Onslaught mode details, from my friend Matt. Take with a grain of salt, I can confirm a mode called onslaught but I can't confirm if these details are true:

Onslaught is a skirmish mode that essentially puts a few twists on survival mode from the old game. Instead of just killing everyone to survive, you gain points by capturing and holding control points around the map as waves of enemies spawn. The enemies spawn in large waves and attempt to take the points for themselves. The player team has a pool of shared lives and the goal is to reach the point limit before you either run out of lives or the enemy reaches the point limit first. Special units and reinforcements can be used.

I'd be totally fine with these modes, if they are what is described here.
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Re: Skirmish in SWBFEA2
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 01:33:17 PM »
With just those modes alone it already sounds like a vast improvement over the last game's SP. :cheers: Particularly looking foreward to custom scenarios, it'll be fun to do battles like Clones/Droids vs. Empire (Or even Empire vs. Empire, to simulate something like Imperial warlord battles). Also great to see good 'ol conquest mode return.


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Re: Skirmish in SWBFEA2
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2017, 04:57:36 PM »
I agree this sounds like a great game. I'm actually really excited for the single player.
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